Questions & Answers

* Where have you travelled?
I haven’t been everywhere yet but it is definitely on my list. I have travelled to 32 countries and you can see the full list on the sidebar of the blog – posts about all of them will come soon.

* How often do you travel?
If I could I would live on the road. But I don’t think my employer would like that very much. So I travel whenever I can take holidays. I plan them very well and way in advance so I can make the most of the time off I have. I try to do at least two long trips every year and small ones spread around the other months of the year.

* What’s your favourite place that you’ve visited?
That’s an easy one: AFRICA! More specifically, Botswana for it’s wildlife. Being in love with nature and animals, Botswana was the most amazing country I’ve ever visited.
But well… I also liked different places for different reasons. For beaches, I would say the north of Brasil (not that I’m biased!), for natural beauty South Africa, for wine, Chile, for food I like Italy and Portugal, for culture, India. My favourite cities are Rio (obvious reasons), Cape Town, Munich and London.

* Where do you want to go that you haven’t been?
There are so many places still on my list but on the very top right now features Jordan, Egypt and Namibia.

* Where did you live?
I lived in Rio most of my life, then I moved to London and I also spent a few months in South Africa.

* What other projects are you working on?
In addition to the blog, I am also a photographer. I am constantly studying about photography and developing these skills.

* What kind of camera do you use?
I use a Nikon D7100 for land footage and GoPro Hero 3+ for underwater footage. I also use an IPhone 6S and a Sony Cybershot. The two main lenses I use with the Nikon are the Nikon EF 18-55 mm f/3.5-5.6G VR (standard zoom) and the Tamron 16-300mm f/3.5-6.3 Di II VC PZD Macro (telephoto).

* Can I use your photos?
I don’t allow the use of my photos outside of my blog and social channels without my permission. If you are interested in using or purchasing them, please contact me

* Where are you from and what is your background?
I am originally from Rio de Janeiro. I moved to London in 2010 after leaving a career in law. You can find out more about me on the about page.

* How did you move to London and how have you managed to stay?
As I have a European background I was entitled to take an Italian passport. And I now have dual Italian and Brazilian citizenship. You can find out more about this on the Italian consulate website

* Why did you choose London?
I speak 4 languages, but English is definitely the strongest of them all. Besides that, London is strategic located for those who want to travel: Half of the world both ways is half way from the UK.

* What advice do you have for people trying to get a visa to live and work in London?
It is not easy to get a visa to live and work in the UK but you can get a student visa or get a work visa by being sponsored by a company. You can find more about this on UKBA website.

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